On sale now – Eliminate Automate Offshore; the book

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If you are too young to remember or perhaps the parent of someone who is too young to remember a time when the only two types of telephones weren’t Android or Apple but those connected to the wall in your house and those in phone booths, then this book is for you.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, at some point you’ll find yourself having to choose a career path. It would be a good idea to select one that is likely to still be around in ten, fifteen and twenty years’ time because, as this book explains, most won’t be.

If you don’t believe me, next time you take a flight ask one of the cabin crew for the name of the Navigator…..

The key to selecting a career with longevity can be summarised as follows;

There is only a future for careers in expensive economies where the value or quality of local knowledge or presence outweighs the cost advantage of every other method of performing the task.

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