The capabilities you should already have

From HfS Research;

The future of work is about capabilities you (should) already have

MAY 1ST, 2016

Soon there will be nowhere left to hide. Everyone’s value is under the microscope from colleagues and management alike. Whether you turn widgets, manage a process, a set of processes, lead teams or manage team leaders leading teams… or run a whole division… or even an entire organization, you are under constant scrutiny in today’s open workplace.
Everyone has to prove they are useful, add real value and are worth their salaries… or they are toast. But most importantly, people need to prove they can be trusted. Employee trust in today’s workplace is about proving you are doing more than just enough not to get fired.

Most heritage enterprises no longer want to give out gold watches for your turning up everyday for last 30 years… I mean, “thanks for showing up and coasting here for 30 bloody years and making it really hard to fire you”. I don’t think so… Loyalty means little, but value means everything. The more legacy work we automate/digitize, outsource, replace with software, or just write-off, the more we have to focus on our human skills to justify our existence in today’s workplace.

Tomorrow’s successful workers are those who use their initiative to perform activities, on their own volition, to find new value for their enterprises. You can’t get any progress or value from methods like Design Thinking if your staff are only checking the boxes to perform their rudimentary employment functions. Design Thinking is about going beyond the norm to challenge the status quo, to think outside the boxes, not just checking them.
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